How to preserve your art/print.?

 Following suggestions can be useful. 

Avoid excessive amount of humidity make sure keep the temperature no more than 72 degrees.  Keep your prints away direct sunlight or any strong light. Don't handle the print itself any more than necessary. Use protective matting or framing, but be sure to use acid free materials such as acid free sleeves as well as acid free backing board.   

 Avoid glue, tape or other adhesives like the plague! Use only wheat paste and rice paper to attach a print to a matte. Do not cut or trim a print or puncture it with thumb tacks. Simply try to keep it in its original condition. If it needs some help, due to spotting, foxing, acid burn, or light damage, simply take it to a professional paper conservator. If a print is valuable enough to save or it is has a sentimental value to then it deserves proper restoration.